December 28, 2009

My Adieu to Blogspot

End of another year and time for new beginnings....

It has been great fun bloggin here...but it is time for a change...
so Welcome New Blog!!

This will be my last post here....

May 01, 2009

My fundamental right

It feels good to excercise it...
and cast MY VOTE for the next Lok Sabha...hope it counts!

On a side note, stay tuned for posts on my nam trip...

December 27, 2008

Merry Xmas

Hola chicos

Feliz Navidad!!

As the year comes to an the top 3 songs played on my ipod for 2008
1. La Tortura: Shakira feat. Alejandro Sanz
2. The Way I Are: Timbaland
3. 1 2 3 4: Feist

tune into them in the 'My Broken Records' in the sidebar!

November 16, 2008

Lost in Laos: Part I

This post is quite overdue!

LAOS...a true escape from reality...a country lost in time....Perfecto!!
Had been plannin to visit for a long time...mainly for 2 reasons:
1. I really want to cover this entire region before I probably leave singapore....
2. Ever since NY Times listed it as "THE" place to visit for 2008 (read more here)

With the wonderful company of Lehmunade, AyeKay and Juddi....this trip finally materialised!!

Getting there: Not an easy tasks!...with no direct flights from Singapore..we had to make our way to KL..catch the Air Asia flight to Vientiane..the capital of Laos...this itself turned out to be quite an adventure!

Whenever I visit any place..I tend to have my pre-conceptions..and they have generally been spot on! But...Laos..really shattered them all!! The first shock was to find a wonderfully equipped airport at Vientiane! and this was just the beginning....

The Hotel...Mali Namphu was another treasure discovery! (thanks to my OCD research) The french architecture with wonderful courtyard...the sumptuous $1 breakfasts...the location..just too good!!

Courtyard in MaliNamphu
Vientiane is an idyllic..peaceful and quaint towns..It has a charm of its own..the myriad of temples..the artistic french quaters and the wide avenues...a place with true character!

The temples are truly magnificent...especially Pha That Luang, Wat Si Saket, Haw Pha Kaew and the Patuxai which is the Laotian version of the Arc de Triumph...
Golden Stupa of Pha That Luang
Bird Sellers at Pha That Luang
Wat Si Saket after a shower
Hwa Pha Kaew
The city centre is thronged with scandinavian and french bakeries...serving delicious pastries...cakes and baguettes..there are plenty of shops selling unique art pieces and countless number of massage centres...the laotian massages are really cheap and truly relaxing!!
Cafes around city centre

Really enjoyed the time spent in Vientiane..

Next Stop: Luang Prabhang

My pondering....

What will I be doin this time next year????

**The question which is bogglin me for days....

September 10, 2008

My never ending WIsh list

keeps getting bigger and bigger and bigger....

I blame it purely on Apple!!

August 18, 2008

My Beijing Bash: Part II

Day 2:
The gem of China and the most breath-taking structure built by mankind none other but the Great Wall
There are several sections of the wall which can be visited from Beijing...the famous ones being the Badaling section and the Juyongguan Pass...

The Wall at Juyongguan Pass
I visited this is one of the steepest section of the wall..the climb is really tiring with the sun bearing down upon you...but once you reach the is just amazing...surrounded by hills with the wall running all over....really makes you did the ancient Chinese even build this...what it must have been to be a guard on duty..protecting China from the invading Mongols...

Tip: The best way to get to the Wall is to sign up with a tour...the trip includes lunch and visits to a silk and jade factory...

After the was time to visit the Summer Palace
The Summer palace was built by Empress CiXi after the first one was burnt down during the Opium Wars...the palace is a true exhibition of the glory and rich past of China...but also a reminder of the neglect of the chinese emperors by spending huge amounts on building it instead of looking after their subjects...
Marble Boat for Empress CiXi

In the evening, I went down to Luilichang Hutong...this is the art lane in Beijing with interesting shops selling lot of unique art and some very interesting posters of slogans during the Cultural Revolution...
Lulichang Hutong
Stay Tuned for Day 3..the visit to the Forbidden City